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What is in the Surfival Kit?

The SurfivalKit has all the essentials a surfer needs, each dropped-in to its own compartment!

Space for Surf Accessories to Surfive! Its the greatest surf gift ever!

Who Needs the SurfivalKit?

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The New Surfer

You are super stoked to finally be a part of the surfing scene.

You’ve got a new board lined up and wonder what else you need.

You want to avoid learning the hard way what critical items help you enjoy the surf.

This kit has you covered!

New Surfers - Get what you need

The Experienced Surfer

You're not some kook who thinks skeg keys are only found on board shorts.

You’ve probably purchased each item in the kit at some point in life.

You just want someone to put it all together so you can surf.

This kit has you covered!

Experienced Surfers - Dial in your Gear

Surf Friends, Surf Family, Surf Widows

You have no clue or idea what to get your surfer.

Last time you bought them a present, it never got unwrapped.

You want to get them what they need, without breaking the bank.

This kit has you covered!

Friends and Family - Give the Best Surf Gift

Surf Trip Gear

Why get the SurfivalKit Surf Gift?

We surf. And we know what surf accessories we have accumulated over the years and have floating around in our cars and backpacks for day trips, weekenders and treks to Baja and beyond.

We also know what its like when the one thing you need to get in the water can’t be found. Whether it got used up, never was purchased, or (most likely) you simply can’t find it. A gear mess can ruin a sesh!

The SurfivalKit Solves That!

It has the things you would expect to find. It even has some random stuff you may never need...but your surf buddy who just lost a fin screw, ripped a leash string, dinged his board, & needs a bar of wax will be stoked you have it! We created the SurfivalKit to solve our own challenges, and hopefully yours too! GET IT NOW!

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Surf Gear Kit Questions

Can I put my own items in the kit?

Totally. When something runs out and you have an empty compartment, it will haunt your dreams. You will have difficulty surfing with peace of mind and your buddies will mock you until the sun goes down.

So run down to your local surf shop and get it replaced right away with your favorite brand. We love the idea of supporting your local businesses and that is why all compartments are standardized sizes.

In the future, we will also be selling replacement ‘Drop-Ins’™ of the products. So if you really like the idea of your kit having original SurfivalKit items we will be accommodating you very soon.

Do you offer gift certificates?


Want to help someone get the greatest surf accessory? Buy them a Gift Certificate!
Click the orange button below and the amount can be determined on the next page.

What are the handles on the side of the SurfivalKits for?

We actually get asked this a lot. These flip up to serve two purposes.

  1. Added assurance that the kit won't open up and spill its contents. Great during travel.
  2. If you have two kits, they can be snapped together one on top of the other. The side handles of the bottom kit clasp up onto the top kit. (Its like when you collected Voltron or Transformers and you could combine them into one super powerful dude!)

My SurfivalKit is broken, what can I do?

Inconceivable! Ok, so stuff happens, we get it. We looked at many product offerings to obtain the best quality container when we designed the SurfivalKit. The container is designed in the USA and manufactured in Israel. We felt this particular container would hold up best to the day to day beach trip, getting thrown in your trunk, left on the roof of your car as you pullout of your driveway abuse. That said, it is not invincible. So while you can rest assured you have a great quality container, we don’t think you should run over it.

If your product arrives to your door damaged, please contact us right away before you use it. Let us know the issue and we will send out a replacement kit and have you send us the busted one.

Do you offer different versions of the SurfivalKit?

Yes. We also offer the SurfivalKit-Mini. It has a smaller footprint, but leaves a big impression! It comes with several essential surf items and stores your wallet, keys, phone or fins during sessions or travel.

Also, please stay tuned for updates about our SUPvival Kit, SK8vival Kit, OCvival Kit, and SNOWBOARDvival Kit product offerings.

Should I have more than one SurfivalKit?

Of course we’d love it if you bought a dozen but we realize that is unlikely. That said, having more than one can be great. Some places we find it useful to have a kit include:

  • Keep one in the trunk of your car.
  • Keep one in the garage with all your boards.
  • Keep one at your buddy’s house who lives near the beach.
  • Keep one in your back-pack where you store your towel and change of clothes etc.
  • Have another recommendation? Let us know on our Facebook page! If we like the idea, we just might send you some replacement Drop-Ins!
Can the kit melt?

While the SurfivalKit container can withstand the elements of the sand, water and sun, the elements within may be sensitive to extreme temperatures. Namely the wax and lip balm could melt. Keeping the SurfivalKit out of direct sunlight and hot areas for extended periods of time is recommended.

What are the ingredients in the included items? Do you have MSDS information?

Yes. All MSDS and ingredient information is available upon request. Contact us at support@SurfivalGear.com with your specific request and will be happy to provide.

How do you ship?

We ship our items USPS priority mail 2-3 day at cost, no mark-up. The cost is determined at checkout and is based on how far we need to ship to. While the kit is not super heavy and big, the cost of shipping can sometimes trickle up based on your location. We are bummed about this and are always looking for the best and cheapest option to you get our SurfivalKit in your sandy hands. Thanks for understanding and still getting a kit.

Do you offer tracking info?

Yes, you will be emailed tracking info once your product has been shipped.

What is your parent company and where are you based out of?

Our parent Company is Surfival Gear and we are located in San Diego, CA USA.

Do you offer ways to support surf groups and non-profits?

Yes. The SurfivalKit.com affiliate program is now live! If you or a group are interested in raising money for your cause, we have a great way to help. Let us set you up with an affiliate page for you to promote as you want, and get a proceed of each sale. No risk to your group. Just a chance to easily fund-raise or support your surfing habit or efforts! Contact us at support@surfivalgear.com to learn more!


Read this ever growing list of fun and helpful rules that help surfers enjoy their sessions and keep their stoke!

What other products are in your Line-up?

In addition to the SurfivalKit, we offer the SurfivalKit-Mini. Consider it the little sibling that you bring with you everytime you are at the beach. It still has surf essentials like surf wax, wax-comb, fin-key and ding repair kit, but also has a handy pocket for your wallet, phone, surfboard fins, and a clip for your keys.

No surf session is complete without some Surfival Wear. Be sure to checkout our line of Beanies to have in those early winter mornings as you get ready for dawn patrols and check your spots with a cup of coffee.

How do I buy the SurfivalKit?

Just click the "Add to Cart" button (at the top of this page or below), and you are set to go buy using our secure shopping cart. We use Paypal for our e-commerce system, which will open in a new tab/window, but you are not required to have a Paypal account. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover Cards.

Buy Now - SurfivalKit

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